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    防爆工具-WEDO TOOLS CO., LTD

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    WEDO TOOLS GMBH’s appointment with you at the 125th China Import and Export Fair


    The 125th China Import and Export Fair will be solemnly opened in April, held in the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Canton. At that time, WEDO TOOLS, along with our numerous new products, new technology, new craft will show up at the Canton Fair. Here we sincerely invite you to come and visit, and we are looking forward to seeing you there.
    We also desire your kind valuable opinions and ideas after visit, because WEDO’s growth and development depends on the guidance and care of every customer !

    As an international professional enterprise, WEDO TOOLS GMBH specializes in design, researching, manufacturing, processing and marketing of hand tools. WEDO has developed six series of products, including aluminum bronze alloy tools, beryllium copper alloy tools, titanium tools, insulated tools, stainless tools, and special steel tools. Currently, our products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions all over the world. 
    In order to further improve customer’s satisfaction, WEDO has established services centers in Germany, Russia, Korea, The United States, United Arab Emirates, and China, supplying safe and innovative hand tools and in-time after-sale services to end users.



      Tel: +86-22-83680080

      Email: wedotools@wedotools.com