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    防爆工具-WEDO TOOLS CO., LTD

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    International Hardware Fair Cologne 2018


    EISENWARENMESSE 2018,?Cologne’s?International Hardware Fair is a large-scale and professional hardware products exhibition in the?world. In addition to the most important manufacturers in the world, there are tools, industrial supplies such as?abrasives products, fixing and fastening technologies, building and home improvement products?in the exhibition areas. Above all, it is the supporting programme of the fair that leaves no wishes unful?lled.?The EISENWARENMESSE is still the meeting place for all manufacturers, distributors, purchasers, multipliers and decision-makers of the hardware industry.
    WEDOTOOLS will participate in the 2018 Cologne International Hardware Fair, March 4, 2018 -7, invite all customers come to our exhibition booth, looking forward to?share the fun of tools?with you?!
    For more questions, contact our free hotline: 400-0022-737, or focus on the our website?www.bdslongphat.com.
    Thank you for your attention!

      Tel: +86-22-83680080

      Email: wedotools@wedotools.com