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    防爆工具-WEDO TOOLS CO., LTD

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    Join us, get more profit.

    German WEDO make a stage pose in the 33rd China(ShangHai) International Hardware Fair


    On April 1, 2019, the 33rd China international hardware fair opened in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Centre.As a bellwether and barometer of China's hardware industry, China international hardware fair held in April every year has become a top gathering event for China's hardware and electromechanical industry.

    A few months ago, the WEDO of friends began to busy,everybody's fighting in their jobs,with concerted efforts and careful preparation,we will try our best to present dimensional new ideas, new technologies and new products to friends from all over the world in the three days to win the market with good faith, forge the brand of "WEDO" with quality, and spread the WEDO's tools all over the world. The WEDO is willing to share the fun of tools with people all over the world.

    In the exhibition, the German WEDO with a large booth high-profile appearance, each division head and product technology and other staff to the exhibition site.The exhibition area of the WEDO attracts many customers with its rich product categories (Non Sparking tools, titanium alloy tools, insulation tools, stainless steel tools, special steel tools and industrial-grade steel tools) and international advanced technology.

    The exhibition will be held on April 1, 2019, solstice April 3, 2019. German WEDO warmly welcomes your presence!

      Tel: +86-22-83680080

      Email: wedotools@wedotools.com