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    防爆工具-WEDO TOOLS CO., LTD

    English/中文 |

    Global Service

    Global Service


    Since the beginning, WEDO TOOLS is willing to serve the people of the world. After years of efforts, we have gradually established the German headquarters R & D center, the US service center, the Middle East Service Center, the Russian service center, the Korean service center, and China Shanghai and Tianjin service center. And WEDO tools have been registered in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. All these serve centers can make good services for these areas. Any area has questions on our products, we can arrange the first time the nearest service staff to solve the problems. So that every one of our customers to achieve satisfaction, so worry-free after-sales. WEDO TOOLS is willing to share the fun of tools with you!



      Tel: +86-22-83680080

      Email: wedotools@wedotools.com